Greetings đź‘‹

My name is Nhat Tran, and I also go by Jonny.

I’m a recent CS Ph.D. graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington with a background in machine learning and bioinformatics.

My research focuses on the area of bioinformatics with techniques centered around graph neural networks and multimodal data integration. More specifically, I research new computational methods for combining sequence representation and heterogeneous network interactions among RNA sequences to aid in the understanding of non-coding RNA functions. My goal is to develop new models, techniques, and open-source tools (see OpenOmics) that will enable researchers to unleash the untapped potential of these rich, complex datasets.

I was previously at Genentech, working on large-scale data pipelines and machine learning models to establish QC standards for detecting low-quality sequencing parameters in NGS genomics. Before focusing on on machine learning and data science, I trained as a full-stack software developer through various internships and hackathons teams to start a career in developing web and mobile applications in the DevOps space.

In my off time, I also research about espresso coffee science. I use machine learning and software development extensively - feel free to check out some of my works!

Research interests

  • Graph neural networks (Heterogeneous graph, Graph representation learning)
  • Natural language processing (Text classification, Text generation)
  • Machine learning (Deep learning, Transfer learning, Multimodal learning)
  • Bioinformatics (Non-coding RNA, RNA-protein interaction, RNA structure)
  • Data science (Data engineering, Data visualization, Data integration)
  • Software development (Full-stack web development, Mobile development, DevOps)

Recent news